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19 Transcription Online Companies

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The Glassdoor and forum reviews are mostly positive except for their payment schedule which sometimes get delayed by a few days. $0. 00588 per word for legal and $0 (online transcription). 00695 per word for medical transcriptionEvery two weeks US residents only, at least 1 year experience, foot pedal recommendedMedium You can apply for three different positions – general, medical, and legal transcriptionists.

They don’t have their rates posted on their website but a person who used to work for them mentioned the indicated rates above. So, if you have an average typing speed of 40 wpm, you can earn about $14. 11 per hour doing legal transcriptions and $16. 68 per hour for medical ones.

0025 per word, medical transcription = 0. 0050 per word; iDictate = at least 0. 0050 per wordWeekly via PayPalExperience required, $20 for background checkMedium With Quicktate, you’ll be asked to transcribe audio files that are less than 5 minutes long. These are usually memos, letters, and voicemails. Meanwhile, iDictate is for longer audio files like lectures, podcasts, and conference calls.

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You’ll also have to pay $20 for the background check - (⇨ guide to audio transcripts). A copy of Express Scribe Pro which costs $70 is a must as well. $0. 03 per lineWeekly via PayPalMust be a transcription training program graduate or have at least 2 years work experienceHigh Athreon has been offering general and medical transcription services in the US and Canada since 1988.

In fact, they require their employees to do at least 500 lines daily, 5 days a week. To qualify, you need to be a high school graduate or GED recipient with a certificate from a transcription training program. If you don’t have formal training, 2 years of relevant experience is a must.

$60 per audio hour for English, $150 per audio hour for foreign languageWeekly by checkNo experience needed, at least 75 wpmMedium Most of the projects that Audio Transcription Center accept are for archives that will become historical records. This is why they require typing skills of at least 75 wpm with 98% accuracy.

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Reviews describe the work they offer as interesting and varied. Meanwhile, the management is organized and supportive. On the downside, there are sometimes not enough work to do. $1. 00 per audio minute for normal files, and $1. 50 per audio minute for rush jobsPayPalAt least 2 years experienceMedium Averbach Transcription is one of the highest paying companies on our list.

00 per audio minute while those with overnight or same-day turnarounds will fetch you $1. 50 per audio minute. To be accepted, you need to have a minimum of 2 years transcribing experience and to pass the skills test. You’ll be transcribing raw footage for TV and movies and interviews and focus groups for qualitative researchers.

85 per audio minuteMonthly via PayPal or bank transferFoot pedal required, experience not needed Medium Verbal Ink, a division of Ubiqus, doesn’t require experience but you do need a foot pedal to work with them. There isn’t a lot of information posted on their website but they do indicate that you can email them with your resume and cover letter.

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$0. 25 to $2. 50 per audio minuteEvery Tuesday and Friday via PayPalAt least 40 wpm, experience requiredHigh at $2. 50 per audio minute. Even better, their typing speed requirement is only 40 wpm. You’ll need to pass two tests on basic transcription and grammar. There are no minimum required hours and you’re free to choose which jobs you want to work on.

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Let’s say that a company pays $60 per audio hour. You might be thinking, “Cool, I get to earn $60 for every hour that I work.” But, that’s certainly not the case. You see an audio hour is the actual length of the file you’ll have to transcribe. The time you’ll actually spend working on the file will be more than one hour.

This depends on a lot of factors – your typing speed, hearing skills, audio quality, subject matter familiarity, and more. However, on average, a beginner can expect to take 6 hours to transcribe an hour of decent audio with clear speakers. Meanwhile, an experienced transcriptionist might take 4 hours or less.

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Taking the example above, if the company pays $60 for an audio hour, a beginner would earn $10 while an experienced transcriptionist would earn $15 per hour. Depending on where you live in the world, this might or might not be enough to live on (online transcription service). Another factor to consider is the amount of work that the company can provide you.

An easy workaround to this is to work for more than just one company. In most cases, transcribing online isn’t enough to make a living for beginners. However, as you develop your skills and gain more experience, you’ll be able to work faster and get a higher rate to help you make it your main source of income.

At the same time, it will improve your chances of getting in higher-paying companies. Once you’re earning, consider investing in equipment and software that can speed up your workflow. Aside from a reliable, high-speed Internet connection and a computer or laptop, there are several things that you’ll need. Headphones – This one’s a no-brainer.

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Foot Pedal – Though not required by all transcription companies, a foot pedal can help you work faster by allowing you to play, rewind, and pause an audio without moving your hands. Word Processing Software – Get a copy of a word processing software like Microsoft Office. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the shortcut keys to streamline your transcription.

For others, you’ll be required to download at least a free version of Express Scribe or something similar. Time Tracking Software – Track your time with free apps like Clockify and Toggl to know how much time you spent transcribing audio. Medical transcription is the process of transcribing the healthcare-related voice files, lecture notes, and other similar materials.

This includes interviews, testimonies, court hearings, and client letters. Since these specializations have difficult terms, transcriptionists who have related experience are paid more. Why not get started today? Make a short list of the companies that seem like a good fit, fill in the applications and try the tests. Within a few days you could be earning extra cash.

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Photo: Rozette RagoThe human transcribers at GoTranscript returned nearly 100% accurate transcriptions in a couple of days and didn’t balk at recordings featuring heavy accents. If you need transcripts that come ready for publication, or a transcript of an audio file featuring speakers with accents, GoTranscript is the best choice.

Services that employ human transcriptionists take days to return transcripts, in contrast to minutes for AI-based services like Temi, and they are significantly more expensive. But the price is worth paying if you don’t want to spend time cleaning up transcripts yourself. GoTranscript (human) 97% 85% 97% 99% Scribie (human) 89% 90% 98% n/a Rev (human) 87% 90% 96% 78% Temi (AI) 73% 71% 73% 42% GoTranscript got high marks on a range of scripts and audio files, and in many cases produced the most easily readable transcripts from human transcriptionists.

When transcribing our control script, GoTranscript produced the fewest errors of any service we tried. The few errors included typing “part of” instead of “in part,” and writing “$1,440” instead of “$1,414. (⇨ what is transcription?).” On the pangram section, which featured phrases that contained all of the letters in the English language, GoTranscript was perfect.

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Two words were replaced with “unintelligible,” a common tactic we saw from human transcriptionists to avoid inserting incorrect words; this approach makes the problem areas especially easy to spot so that you can jump in and edit the transcript yourself. GoTranscript is the only service we tried that accurately transcribed a recording of someone with a non-American accent.

But we found two spots where words had been replaced with “inaudible” or “unintelligible.” GoTranscript did get proper nouns like Mulholland Drive and Bala Cynwyd correct, but the service inserted “unintelligible” labels four times for other place names in the last section, which affected its accuracy score considerably. GoTranscript is the only service we tried that was able to accurately transcribe a recording of someone with a non-American accent.



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